Tips & Tricks Why You Need an All-In-One Software Solution

Why You Need an All-In-One Software Solution

Do you have a headache from moving between multiple software solutions to handle your recruitment and staffing business? How many different approaches to treat the ATS, CRM, payroll, work portal, and other day-to-day functions are you using? If you start going nuts with several remedies, it may be time to get a dose of an all-in-one treatment to get rid of the headache!

Why You Need an All-In-One Software Solution:

Eliminate Multiple Data Entries

Everything you need to do is enter details once, whether you add a new employee, customer, or work order. When inserted in your front office solution, all the information will be transmitted to your back office, web portals, mobile app, etc. You will no longer need to spend time entering multiple or even triple times in the same details manually in each solution! It will save you time and allow you to devote more energy to obtaining new data entering business verses.

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Streamline Business Operations

Both information about your client and applicant will be stored in the same system so that you don’t switch between different software solutions. You have to bring together pieces of information when working out of a CRM product, which is not combined with an ATS. An all-in-one solution helps you to check for candidates that would be a good job match, schedule interviews, insert notes, and put candidates in one solution.

Business operations will not only be streamlined, but your solutions will look and feel like that too. Your front office, back office, and web portals will all look and do likewise. This helps all of the team to get to know the program quicker verse that needs to learn a lot of different solutions.

You also only have to operate under a single contract when you invest in one business, instead of juggling between multiple deals and expiry dates. Operating with several, less costly options can initially seem more cost-effective; however, after all, said and finished, the cost can end up being nearly the same. That is why research is important before you sign on the dotted line. However, if getting an all-in-one solution does cost more, a streamlined process can be worth the expense. Is it time weighing up the pros and cons?

Lower risk of Misplacing Information and Losing Data

You have a reduced chance of misplacing stuff because it’s all in one spot. You know where the information you need in the mix is to be found so it won’t get lost. Moreover, it’s easier to forget or lose data when you’ve got it in many places.

Another essential piece to ponder is how secure your data is. Are your data in a highly tiered data center? Were you at risk for data loss or even hacking? If you’re dealing with all-in-one solutions, their data protection commitment can be higher than a single solution.

Gain Access to Advanced Sales

Because all of your accounting and invoicing material is immediately taken into the back office from the front desk, you have the opportunity to carry out detailed revenue analyses and general ledger reports. These reports give your company insights into the “big picture” to help you make critical business decisions. Without these reports, it is difficult to see the whole picture and you need to spend more time manually pulling information from different databases and building these reports out. This can cause errors and inaccurate reporting.

Fully Integrated Solution and Beyond

In addition to making all of the products wholly integrated, all-in-one features most frequently occur inside front-office applications. Besides posting new jobs directly to your web page, several solutions also allow you to post job openings and other details that you want to share directly to social media. Why not post directly from one answer, instead of toggling between your front office and various social media tabs?

Some solutions even offer the ability to e-mail and text directly from the software solution. If you send a single e-mail or text message, or a mass e-mail or text message, you can send it directly from the app! Usually, you can also set up email and text templates to eliminate time to type in the same message that you send multiple times a day.

Next, some systems have advanced reporting capabilities. Imagine pulling branch or PC reports to see the number of job openings, the number of clients consulted, the number of placements made in a given period? Or what if you could have insights into the connection between where you advertise your work and how many people you bring in from the job board to find the best places to promote your employment? These are great instances of how to take advantage of an all-in-one front office solution.

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