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How Does Web Scraping Work

Web scraping, also known as data harvesting or data mining, involves using a computer program that is able to extract data from the display output of another program.

Why Java is a Top Career Option for Beginners

Various sources and mechanisms exist for the development of a product or service. When we talk about technology and programming languages, Java is the...

The Evolution of Python Language

Python is one of the most common coding languages of 2015, according to numerous websites. Python is also an object-oriented and open-source language, as...

How to install MySQL Server 5.7 on Deepin

This Guide Will Introduce How to Install MySQL Server 5.7 on your Deepin Linux. Deepin OS has become many developers' favourite Linux operating system in these days. It's because of their modern light-weight user friend desktop environment.

How to Install LAMP(Apache, MySQL, PHP) Stack on Deepin

This guide will introduce How to install LAMP Stack ( Apache Server, MySQL, PHP ) on Deepin Linux.

How to install Oracle JDK 8 on Deepin

This guide will introduce how to install Oracle JDK 8 on your Deepin Linux. 1. update the System. Make sure your System is up-to-date. $ sudo apt-get...